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CyberGuides: Meet Talk City's Online Gurus

By Kathy (Kellogg) Fisher

I have been a member of the online spiritual community since about January 1995. I am particularly active in the Religions & Spiritualities Forum [], formerly part of Apple's now-defunct online service eWorld. The Forum is now located in Talk City [], an Internet community for those who believe in people and in the power of conversation. I am grateful to these conference hosts for assisting me on my incredible, exciting spiritual journey.

Roy Sniffen [Pulpiteer] is the publisher of the Religions and Spiritualities Forum. He is a graduate of the Starr King School for the Ministry, where he received the master of divinity degree. Roy has been an online minister for the past two years. His weekly conference, Pulpiteer's Office Hours, channel #OfficeHrs, covers topics in all areas of religion, spirituality and charity. Roy's online ministerial efforts are at the website.

Ven. Pema Ghedun Zangpo [LamaCCC], a Tibetan Buddhist monk, has been teaching spiritual growth and related subjects for over 30 years. He specializes in teaching from a Tibetan Buddhist perspective, in a gentle and perceptive manner. He facilitates the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying conference, channel #TBLD, based on the best-selling book by Sogyal Rinpoche, and Dharma Chat, channel #Dharma, a general discussion of topics in Buddhism. He also hosts two conferences on topics of general interest to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike -- Peace RoundTable (co-hosted with FlowCCC, channel #PeaceTalk), and the Kindred Spirits conference, channel #KindSpirit, aimed at strengthening and supporting people's committments to their own spiritual path. His stated purpose in life is to "live and teach principles of peace and prosperity."

Leslie McKay [FlowCCC], multi-talented Religions & Spiritualities WebMaven and Forum co-producer, hosts two chats: Paths with Heart, channel #HeartPaths, and Peace Roundtable (co-hosted with LamaCCC, channel #PeaceTalk), which "migrated" from eWorld to Talk City. A long-time student of transpersonal psychology and a wide range of wisdom traditions, Leslie focuses on how our spiritual insights and growth can be integrated into our everyday lives. Leslie's "Paths" website is located at

David Fox [DavidBFox] had a successful private counseling practice in the mid-70's. However, he grew frustrated with not being able to reach much larger numbers of people, so he turned his talents to online communication and joined with Sue Rutherford [NrgWrkr] in Channeling Central on eWorld. That conference led to their current Creating Our Reality Conference in Talk City, channel #Creating. David's "Creating Our Reality" web page is located at

David Garnett's [davidjg] religious upbringing was traditional (United Church), but in his teens he started to question and delve into the broad spectrum of spirtuality and metaphysics. David's desire to share and discover the aspects of this integration led him to start the Passages forum, originally in eWorld and now in Talk City at channel #Passages. Each week he looks at different influences, events and resources that are a part of our spiritual journey. David also hosts The Celestine Prophecy conference, channel #Celestine, based on James Redfield's best-seller. David was born, raised and still lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Andrew Waterman [WaterCCC] is an artist and contemplative from Portland, Oregon who raises umbrella cockatoos. After seven years as a kidney patient, 2 1/2 years on chemo-therapy and three heart attacks, A Course in Miracles (ACIM) met him in a Portland bookstore. Notes Andrew, "Reading ACIM was like meeting my self in a mirror for the first time - it has provided me with the insights I was searching for." Andrew hosts two R&S Forum conferences: Miracles Cafe, based on A Course in Miracles (channel #Miracles), and Oracles Cafe, a weekly conference on a variety of divination methods (channel #Oracles). He sees cyber-space and specifically Talk City as a place for accelerated enlightenment.

If you've never taken part in realtime online communication, you'll need a program that allows you to use the WWW's chat rooms (called Internet Relay Chat or IRC) such as GlobalChat (information about downloading this free software is available at the Talk City website). The IRC server, where all the above conferences take place, is located at or, port 6667.

Complete conference calendars are available at either the Talk City or the Religions and Spiritualities Forum websites. This information was adapted from staff and calendar postings at those two sites.

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