Gordy's Gallery

Although he would never admit it, Gordon C. Fisher is an artist.

See for yourself:



Gordy does airbrush designs on cakes. To see what's he's done recently and the ones he did years ago, click HERE.



Gordy routered signs for all our kids for Christmas 1997



and one for our driveway

Gordy creates mushrooms out of tree stumps:

There are a whole bunch of new mushroom pictures now ... and "wood gods" carved from stumps, as well. They will all eventually be displayed (and sold) on our hobby-trying-to-become-a-business website. Click below to go there now.

Brick-n-Wood Garden Arts

And Gordy creates beauty and whimsy:

Gordy and his tractor create acres of lush grass - Gordy's bridge over a dry creek, which he also created (there is a tree stump mushroom in background) - a replica of the Mars explorer gets stuck on a rock in the garden.

More of Gordy's artistic creations:

click for pumphouse story

The playgound area near the bonfire pit with treehouse, skybridge, and the famous giant slide - Manicured pathways criss-cross our six acres of forest - The dome pumphouse/storage building (built with help from me and my dad) CLICK HERE or on the picture to see the story behind it and more pictures

Years ago, when he was in the Coast Guard,

Gordy painted this winter scene

This tribute was created by Gordy's loving wife, Kathy, who happens to think he is one of the greatest artists she has ever met ... and the best husband in the world!

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