Kraemer Family Reunions
95 Reunion picture

Photo from 1995 Reunion (Same location as 1997 Reunion, below)

[Back row, standing] Michael Kraemer, Bryan Kraemer, Kurt Kraemer, Ken Kraemer, Mom (Florence) Kraemer, Cory Kellogg, Melissa Musser (holding Carly Ann Musser), Brian Musser, Fred Meeks, and Dad (Phil) Kraemer
[Center row, sitting] Kathy Kraemer (on floor), Nancy Kraemer, ME (Kathy Kraemer-Fisher), Susan Kraemer, Marlene Meeks, Brandon Meeks, and Randy Bemis
[Front row, sitting] Amanda Kraemer, Shannon Bemis, Karla Meeks, Kyle Kraemer, and Christopher Bemis

[New, not in picture] Gordon Fisher, Connor Musser, Amie Kellogg, Tayler Kellogg

There were no official Family Reunions in 2008 - 2011

2007 Reunion

held at Mom & Dad's place in Richland, WA

DATE: August 10 - 12, 2007

This was the 13th "official" reunion, the 15th if the birthday reunions (below) are counted.

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There was no Family Reunion in 2005 and 2006

Impromptu Birthday Reunions

Mom's 80th, Thanksgiving 2004

Dad's 80th, Feb. 2003

2002 Reunion

held at Kathy & Gordy Fisher's place in Roy, WA

2002 T-shirt design

DATE: August 9 - 11, 2002

Shirt designed by Susan Kraemer -- printed by PrintWorks Screenprinting in Spanaway, WA -- tie-dyed by the family

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There was no Family Reunion in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001

1997 Reunion

held near Leavenworth, Washington

97 T-shirt design

Date: August 29 - September 1, 1997



97 T-shirts:

Designed by Kathy & Gordon Fisher, with printing arranged by Susan Kraemer.

[Click here for 1997 photo]

1996 Reunion


Approximately one-half full-size

Design & printing arranged by Kathy Kraemer-Fisher & Melissa Musser
Screen printing by Wild West Shirt Co., Tukwilla, WA




[Click here for 1996 photo]

We started having reunions in 1987. The first one was at Steamboat Rock State Park in Eastern Washington (camping). The 1988 reunion was at my house in Roy, WA (camping). Following that, we had yearly reunions at different locations around Washington State including Mt. Rainier, Ocean Shores, Natapoc Lodging, and once at Mom & Dad's place in Richland, WA.

The original Kraemers (1996)

[sitting] Marlene, Mom, Dad, Cindy [standing] Mike, Susi, Ken, Kathy


Some of us a little farther back (like 1953): Kathy, Mom (holding baby Cindy,) Dad (holding Mike), and Ken


And here we are, the six original kids

Susi, Mike, Kathy (holding baby Marlene), Ken and Cindy (this was on the family Christmas card in 1957)

Who we are:


Four Generations

(left to right) Kathy Kraemer-Fisher [daughter],
Melissa Kellogg-Musser [granddaughter] holding Carly Ann Musser [great-granddaughter], Florence Kraemer [mother] (circa. June 1995)




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