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Mary Magdalen in History and Myth

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Unlike other legends and saints, Mary Magdalen doesn't have any websites devoted solely to her life and myths. In fact, the vast majority of search-engine Web pages are churches, religious orders, schools, or other organizations (even an English badminton club). Although named after Mary Magdalen, they don't include background about their namesake in their websites. One noteable exception is Magdalen College in Oxford, England .


Personal and encyclopedia websites offer some interesting pages including these:

Patron Saints Index: Mary Magdalen

Magdalen Essay

Catholic Encyclopedia: ST. MARY MAGDALEN

SBC - Saint Mary Magdalen

St. Mary Magdelene

MAGDALEN: Seven Demons, The Gospel According to MARY

mag.htm, Prayer to Saint Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene, First Witness of the Resurrection

Saint Mary Magdalene


Some websites also feature Mary Magdalen artwork, including Lycos Pictures and Sounds and Religion / Hagiology/ Saint Mary Magdalen .

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