These website reviews were published or accepted for publication in Eye on the Web internet magazine before it ceased publication in 8/98:

Buddhism [published 6/98]

Buddhism Correspondence Course


No graphics, no background, no color, but lots and lots of information can be found here. 'The intention of this course is to enable the reader to explore Shin Buddhism, also known as Jodo Shinshu, historically and in modern context.' says page one. Links included for supplemental reading (essays) and 25 course parts as well as self-study questions.


Buddhist Magazine


The focus of this site is 'making undiluted Buddhist teachings of the Kagyu tradition available to the modern people of today.' Included are links to teachers and teachings, meditations, information about Diamond Way Buddhism and their North American centers, upcoming events, and other Buddhist sites. A shop with books and tapes also included.



CyberSangha Home Page

A Buddhist alternative journal examining new perspectives in Western Buddhism, as well as ties to the past. Links to current and back issues of the magazine as well as to information about the CyberSangha perspective. Also includes a Buddhist library with texts and artworks and links to selected Buddhist web sites (eight new ones chosen each quarter).


Dharma Rain Zen Center

Dharma Rain Zen Center is a Soto Zen Temple in Portland, Oregon. Soto Zen is Buddhist tradition that emphasizes finding the deep significance in everyday life. Included here are current and previous issues of the Center's newsletters (called 'Stillpoint'), activities calendars, and a very complete list of links to related sites.


eDharma - Buddhist Culture Magazine

eDharma | Buddhist Resource Magazine

Classy, active, and loaded with useful information, this Buddhist magazine includes columns, reviews, and feature articles as well as a bookstore, events calendars, and chatrooms. It features three selected website links (eDharma's Three Jewels) with each issue and is also linked with other sites in the Meditating Buddhists' web ring.


Tantric Buddhism

Tantric Buddhism - sexual pantheism.

As the intro in this website says, 'Tantric Buddhism tells us to revere [the body] as a temple and to indulge its most sensual impulses.' Mostly text with a few graphic depictions, this site features historical information (including some very elaborate tantric sexual rituals) and selected passages from ancient Buddhists texts.


White Path Temple

The White Path Temple

Advertised as 'A virtual Shin Buddhist Temple in Cyberspace.' Lots of information on Buddhism in general and Shin Buddhism in particular including art, a dictionary, poetry, and documents. Nicely laid out with easy-to-follow links and tons of helpful text. Fill out the form and get updates by e-mail.


Buddhist Association of the U.S

Buddhist Association of the United States (BAUS)- Home Page - Buddhism/ [too long to get it all on screen]

Nicely laid out home page featuring a set of links to programs/activities, newsletters (several years' worth), virtual library, and thousands of other websites. Also, pages with general information about the Association and the Chuang Yen Monastery. An interesting addition: links to sites with software and instructions for reading Chinese.


Buddhist Studies WWW

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library

From the World-Wide Web Virtual Library, 'The Internet Guide to Buddhism and Buddhist Studies .' To quote, 'This document keeps track of leading information facilities in the fields of Buddhism and Buddhist studies.' Not much in and of itself, it links to several Buddhist web sites, with short descriptions about each. A good place to start.



Dharma: The Buddhist Web Site

The Welcome page is a table of contents featuring background information about Buddhism/Zen, the Sangha community, books/publications, photo gallery, links to other websites, poetry and a guest book. Nothing fancy, but lots of good information and easy to get around if your goal is to learn about Buddhism.


DharmaNet International

Gateways to Buddhism is the subtitle of this page. Not only does it include links to information, teachers, marketplaces, spirtitual resources/tools, libraries, classifieds, and other pages, but it features a handy search engine for maneuvering around. A member of the Dharma Ring, it is linked to other related websites.


Essentials of Buddhism

A short, easy-to-read, one-page course in Buddhism. Nicely laid out and written for the beginner, it also includes links to other websites (with reviews) and recommended books (linked to the website for purchasing). If you want a brief course in Buddhist thought, this is the place.


The Zennist - Dark Zen - The Teachings of Mystical Zen Buddhism

Dark Zen: The Teachings of Mystical Zen

An informational site focusing on the mystical qualities of Zen Buddhism. Some of the core information in the linked pages gets lost in a flurry of confusing jargon. However, it does have some interesting materials including a book store, featured articles, a guestbook, and links to two Buddhist webrings (Dharma Ring and Meditating Buddhists).


Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors

To quote, 'This web site is a collection of stories (more than 50 of them) from the Orient, mostly Zen and Taoist tales.' Not only do they stand the test of time, the authors say, but they are just fun to read. If you are looking for a good story with a moral, this is the place.

Zoroastarianism [accepted for publication]


AVESTA -- Zoroastrian Archives

Everything you ever wanted to know about Zoroastrianism .. and then some! Complete, well-designed site includes the text of the most ancient scriptures of Zoroastrianism (including the Avesta), as well as other sacred literature. Also includes information about the Avestan language, Zoroastrian millenium prophecies, rituals (including the marriage ceremony), and many related links.


FEZANA Home (Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America)

Attractive, animated introductory page leads to a wealth of information about and from FEZANA including journal, events, and organizational background. The FEZANA journal page includes phone numbers and e-mail addresses of Publications Committee members. Also has a search engine for journal articles from 1991 thorough 1997. The 'Events' page features happenings in North America, from Toronto to southern California.


Information About Zoroastrianism (Zoroastrianism Page)

Attractive site, easy to maneuver around. Includes a variety of background information sources, including defintions, articles, a Zoroastrian Image Page, links to related sites (including bunches of homepages as well as commerical and educational sites), and mailing list. Also features a list of volunteers to assist newly-arrived students and a guest book.


The Zarathushtrian Assembly Home Page

Nothing real fancy here, but easy to move around and lots to see. Site includes background information such as 'Salient Points' (of the religion and its beliefs), prayers, Spenta University, Spenta newsletter, FAQ page, and links to other Zoroastrian sites. A "Thought for the Day" is updated daily (back thought sets are also available).


World of Traditional Zoroastrianism

Simple home page connected to other informational pages. Tenets of the Religion page (Traditional Zoroastrianism Main Page) has background information about ancient as well as modern Zoroastrianism. Includes articles, rituals, and links to other Zoroastrian sites. Site also includes a Zoroastrian religious novel (The Saga of the Aryans), and a guide to Zoroastrian matrimonial rites.


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