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Thumbnail, book cover Home Tanning & Leathercraft Simplified, Williamson Books, a division of Ideals Publishing, Charlotte, Vermont 05445 © 1984, by Kathy Kellogg

Concise instructions, step-by-step tested procedures for turning "waste" skins into sewable leathers and furs. Illustrated.

ISBN# 0-91359-04-7.

NOTE: This book went out of print, but as of May 2006, it was still available on-line from or

Thumbnail, book coverRaising Pigs Successfully, Williamson Books, a division of Ideals Publishing, Charlotte, Vermont 05445 © 1985, by Kathy & Bob Kellogg

Everything you ever wanted to know about raising pigs and then some. Although written for the owners of meat anmials, the principles apply to the pet pot-bellied varieties, too. Illustrated.

ISBN# 0-913589-15-2.

Book available on-line from or

Book Ideas

Genesis II, a Novel -- Publisher being sought

A trip back in time to the future. Part fantasy, part science-fiction, part controversial retrohistorical. Early in the 21st Century, an international resource team, pioneers of the galaxy, found a gold mine -- literally! A perfect planet, not unlike a young Earth ... perfect environment, fertile soil, overflowing in natural riches. And a perfect workforce .. engineered to be perfectly compliant, obedient, and adoring (intelligent and easily trained to boot). Sound like Eden? Maybe it is.

Thumbnail, book cover Sacred Gardens: How to Cultivate Soul -- Publisher being sought

Full of useful suggestions, anecdotes, poetry, history, and myths, Sacred Gardens will appeal to all gardeners and other readers because it subtly addresses universal questions of soul within the recognizable framework of the modern garden without preaching or hidden religious agendas.

Thumbnail, book coverLessons, a Novel -- Publisher being sought

So what is wrong with American public education? That question has been asked for decades ... and yet, for all the investigations, nothing seems to be getting any better. This novel explores one possible explanation: the loss of soul resulting in corruption, greed, power-battles, anger, abuse, and violence. Having worked in the public education system for a dozen years, I saw the problems from the inside. Further, when I started to become a whistle-blower, questioning the morality of certain activities and cover-ups, I was unceremoniously ousted for "not being a good team player." Although this novel will be entirely fictional, my professional experiences are the emotional basis for the story.

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